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About Me

Lead Storyteller and Founder of SPbN. 25+ years of WoD experience. ST and DM for at least 23 years. I fell in love with the World of Darkness upon first seeing it and haven't looked back since. I love seeing how this server has evolved since October of 2021 and I look forward to the future of our community! Welcome to St. Petersburg!

Table Rules

Session 0s are used to start the game, opening up with communication, setting expectations, and discussing any safety tools that will be used at the table.

Lines and Veils set the boundaries of the games. Lines are hard limits for content the group doesn't want to participate in, this means that content will not be in game, referenced in game, or alluded to. Veils are soft limits, meaning that when the content arises it might be mentioned, but not described, or it could mean that when the content shows up, it results in a “fade-to-black”

While I do my absolute best to try and ensure every player's comfort at the table, consent can vary from day-to-day. I trust the players at my table to do their best to monitor their own mental health. If they feel triggered or uncomfortable in a scene, they have the ability to step away from play, free from judgment, until they are able to find stability. When they are ready to return, they can return to the game. If further discussion is required, it can be done in the decompression time following the session.

Following the session, players will be offered a chance to reflect on the game. This allows them the opportunity to identify possible issues, highlight the good parts, and work through potential emotional bleed.

All players will honor the boundaries as established by the ST & group. Warnings will be issued if someone drifts too close to crossing a line, or dwells too long on a veil. Repeat violations of anyone's boundaries will result in being banned from all of my games and, potentially, the server as a whole.

Additionally, if the boundaries set by a single player are in direct contradiction with the rest of the table and game, we will have a discussion about whether the table and group is a good fit.

Safety Tools

  • Consent Form
  • Decompression
  • Lines and Veils
  • Open Door
  • Session 0
  • ...and any other tools the table finds useful!

Content Warnings

Content warnings are notices that potentially sensitive topics may come up during the course of play so that players can prepare themselves to adequately engage or, if necessary, disengage for their own wellbeing.

These topics may come up in active play:

Because setting accuracy is important to me, any of the issues listed on the consent form may be included in the game, regardless of how they are rated by the individual players. That being said, my intentions are only to ALLUDE to the issues, not actually depict them, and I'll be particularly sensitive to any lines and veils given by players.


Veils are things that happen off screen in a game. They are things that are allowed to happen, but do not occupy “camera” time, as it were. The easiest way to deal with veils is to let the scene fade to black.

These topics will never be addressed in active play:

  • Depictions of Child Abuse
  • Sexual Assault


Lines are things that are not in the game at all. They are not alluded to or done off screen.

These topics are hard lines in the game we do not cross. They simply do not happen:

  • Explicit Sexual Content