St. Petersburg by Night: What the HELL is that???

What the HELL is that???

Hunter: The Reckoning

Sarasota has become a hot spot for leeches, spookies and all things unnatural as of late. Short stories get their inspiration from somewhere, right? Besides, a quick job is a good job!




May 15, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 8: "Stakes and Spirits"

A new target equals new weapons needed. At the good Dr’s suggestion, half the team spend increasing their arsenal, and an old friend shows his face to say hello. Whether it’s a good thing or bad is yet to be determined.

April 24, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 6: "Realizations"

The events of last week still sitting heavy in their minds, the Cell finds solace each in their own ways, trying to reconcile their actions and hopefully prevent another from joining their life.

April 16, 2024

After a disastrous exit, Emory and Ella race back to the others to try to recoup and go back to save Lana. Will they make it in time?

April 9, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 4: "A Bitter Brew (EMORY NO)"

A quiet day meeting a friend … oh no, you said the ‘Q’ word. What should have been a simple, relaxing week shifts to panic stations as curiosity kills the cat…. But can they bring it back?

April 2, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 3: "For the want of a conversation"

A short conversation can change so many things in your life, as the cell finds out in this episode. Validation, knowledge, improvements, insecurities? Sometimes you don’t always get what you bargained for….

March 26, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 2: "Hospitality and Hubris"

Follow the Cell as they travel around to touch base with different people around Bradenton and see what kind of information they can dig up. Did they manage to finish off the creature last year? Or will they be cleaning up after themselves again?

March 19, 2024
What the HELL is that??? - Episode 1: "A Tuesday Afternoon in Florida"

Come and meet the team as they catch up at their Safe House, and learn that their security isn't as good as they thought!